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- for boys and girls up till 8-9 years
- 5 players on the court – 2 boys and 2 girls and 1 goalkeeper (boy or girl)
- Size of the goal: 240 cm x 160 cm
- Size of the ball: 46-48 cm – 225-275 gr. Other balls can be used.

Normal handball rules are the basis of mini handball, but the rules about technical
faults shall be assessed according to the ages and the skills of the children
participating in the game.
All deliberated physical contact between the players shall be avoided.
In some countries it only permitted to defend in the area between the goal-area line
(4,5 m) and the Free-throw line (5,5 m) line (read area) – if there no Free-throw line,
a line **) can be made 5,5 m from the Outer goal line, and then it is permitted to
defend in this area (green area).
In other countries it is allowed to defend all over the court – except the two goal
By playing mini handball the children learn to understand and to accept playing
according to rules.
In a mini handball match there is not a referee - but a supervisor, who teach and
help the children to understand the rules and the game.

Mini Handball – The Philosophy II

• Minihandball is more a philosophy than a game.
• In many countries minihandball has developed rapidly as an activity for the
youngest children (from 5-6 years till 8-9 years)
• Minihandball is a kind of education in sport for the youngest.
• Only a few and very simplified rules allow all participants a lot of freedom.
• Minihandball is a suitable activity for both primary schools and clubs.
• The emphasis is put on playing (having fun)
• Neither tactics nor ”winning” are of great importance

• The philosophy of minihandball is shaped by the children’s pleasure and their
experiences when playing a ball game
• The court, the balls and the goals are adapted to the age of the children; the
technique of playing is based on the motor skills of children 6-8 years
• Positive experiences will support the development of a child’s playing behaviour.
• Playing and practising are organized in the form of play, both following pedagogic
and methodological principles; the role of the coach is limited to supervising and
helping when necessary. When playing matches, there is not a referee – but a
supervisor, who teach and help the children during the play.
• Fairness is very important in the philosophy of minihandball
• Boys and girls will learn to act in a group, accepting their own merits and
shortcoming and those of others.
• Minihandball contains a lot of rudimentary elements of other sports or sometimes
even creates them.

Mini Handball – The Philosophy I

Mini Handball – The Philosophy I
- is a game which is adapted to children op the age up to 8-9 years.
Obviously it is not the children who are adjusted to a finished game. They play on smaller
playing areas, with smaller goals, with a smaller ball, and with rules which the children are
able to understand.
- is a game which takes starting point in children’s game and natural
• Run
• Throw
• Catch
• Hop on one foot
• Balance
• Play alone
• Jump
• Walk
• Jump around
• Rotate
• Dribble
• Play together with others
- is a game which satisfies children’s natural needs for movement.
The minihandball training is organized is such a way that the children get to learn the
handball game through games. It is important that the children are in activity all the time –
and that each child gets to play as much with the ball as possible.
- is a game which trough games gives experiences where the result of a match
is not the most important.
Both to training and to the special minihandball festival the children appear to play
matches. The purpose of these matches is to give the children the possibility to test their
skills. The match must be a positive experience – no matter if you win or loose!
Therefore the single match is important and you do not “gather points to-gether” to elect
a final winner.
- is a game which tries to motive small children to continuous physical activity.
On that assumption that the good and positive experiences in connection with a child’s first
acquaintance with sport, will motivate to many years of continuous participation in sport,
the association tries to create good conditions as regards the child’s start of going for sport

Let's play Mini Handball

What is Mini-Handball?
Mini handball is...

a special philosophy
special equipment

special rules
adapted to children up till 8-9 years

training more important the matches
fun, high activity
enthusiastic coaches
varied training adapted to the children

a positive experience with sport
minihandball and other adapted activities

as coaches
as parents (supporters – to the child, to the coach, to
the club..)

Mini handball

Mini handball is a ball game for children. Playing this kind of handball, boys and girls at primary school age (6-10 years) can exercise together, improve their basic motor skills, coordination and social skills, which are just as important as the development of specific game concepts such as "team spirit" or "fair play".